VATARK is the trading style of Robert Killington.

I started working in indirect taxation over 30 years ago. I worked for Customs & Excise (now HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)) for 13 years covering many aspects of the department’s work. In 1988 I left Customs & Excise to work for a firm of Chartered Accountants. I left the last firm I worked for in 2000 to set up my practice, with the objective of providing sound, pragmatic advice to businesses, charities, and other organisations affected by VAT.

I was Consultant editor of Tolley’s Value Added Tax – one of the main VAT reference books used by VAT specialists – for two years.

How I work

Initial consultations are without obligation on either party to take the matter further. If the initial meeting goes beyond exploring the issues, and advice is given a charge will be made for that at my usual rate. Details of this will have been made available in advance of the meeting.

My fee is based on the time spent working on a matter. I make no charge for travelling time. I do charge for travel expenses, subsistence, hotel charges, etc. I am happy to give a capped fee quote when I know what the work entails. Unless, of course, it proves too difficult to determine how long the work is likely to take.

The advice given will be based on the information provided. Only if the full facts relating to a particular matter are provided will the advice provided be the best advice for you. I may give you the answer you are unhappy with, although I will give you what I believe to be the correct answer for your situation.

I usually raise invoices once a month and send them by e-mail. Invoices are due for payment on presentation and I allow about thirty days for payment to be made. If payment is made much after the thirty-day time frame I reserve the right to charge interest on the next and subsequent invoices.

Work is only undertaken after an engagement letter has been signed. This will be sent together with a schedule of services and terms and conditions.

I can be contacted in any of the following ways:

Phone: 07906 382226

Postal address:

5 Ladymead Close Crawley West Sussex RH10 7JH


I have a micro blog: Micro.blog

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