Toolkits to help minimise common errors – update to VAT Toolkits

Toolkits to help minimise common errors – update to VAT Toolkits

HM Revenue & Customs has recently updated the:


These toolkits are useful when completing a business’s VAT return. They provide guidance from HMRC on items which HMRC find are common causes of errors on VAT returns. Although the toolkits are intended to be used by bookkeepers and accountants they can be used by businesses. By using the toolkits you provide yourself with further protection against penalties. If you use an agent to complete your VAT return ask them if they are using the toolkits – this is an important point and one that you need to check when taking on a new accountant or bookkeeper to do your VAT returns.

Toolkits for direct tax are also available from HMRC’s website, and you may want to check that these are being used by your tax agent.

The toolkits can also form part of your business’s VAT Policy document that was mentioned in my recent posting listing five things you need to know to avoid VAT penalties.

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