Road Fuel Scale Charge

I've added the latest version of the Road Fuel Scale Charge that HMRC published on 28 March 2018. … [Read more...]

Revenue & Customs Briefs released in January 2016

Revenue & Customs Briefs released in January 2016 VAT MOSS HMRC released Revenue & Customs Brief 4/2016 on 8 January 2016 outlining a simplification available to businesses that currently trade below the VAT registration limit and supplying e-services to consumers in other EU countries. There is a less restrictive approach to the evidence … [Read more...]

Cancelling your VAT registration – Notices updated March 2015

Cancelling your VAT registration HMRC has published two more ‘updates’ of VAT Notices on GOV.UK. These both contain advice on what action to take when cancelling your VAT registration. Hardly anything has been changed. The first item below is simply an update to make the content fit on the GOV.UK website (or within the publishing guidelines for … [Read more...]

Recently updated notices issued by HMRC on VAT – January 2015

Recently updated notices issued by HMRC on VAT HMRC updated the following VAT related notices in January 2015: The General Guide - VAT Notice 700; and Intrastat General Guide - Notice 60. HMRC also published VAT Notes 4/2014. Just a reminder: all VAT Notices are now published on the GOV.UK website. The General Guide On 1 January … [Read more...]

Updated VAT Notices – January 2015

The General Guide On 1 January 2015 HMRC published an updated version of Notice 700: The General Guide dated January 2015 to replace the August 2013 edition. The main amendment is to the place of supply rules from 1 January 2015 with a new sub-paragraph being added to Section 4 at paragraph 4.8.4 concerning the Mini One-Stop Shop for supplies of … [Read more...]

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