Cancelling your VAT registration – Notices updated March 2015

Cancelling your VAT registration HMRC has published two more ‘updates’ of VAT Notices on GOV.UK. These both contain advice on what action to take when cancelling your VAT registration. Hardly anything has been changed. The first item below is simply an update to make the content fit on the GOV.UK website (or within the publishing guidelines for … [Read more...]

Updates to VAT notices – early April 2014

Supplement to Notices 700-1 and 700-11 HMRC has published an updated version of Notice Supplement to Notices 700-1 and 700-11 dated April 2014 to replace the March 2013 edition. This supplement provides details of the new registration limits that came into effect on 1 April 2014. Who needs to read this notice? This is important reading … [Read more...]

VAT Notices published in early May 2013

VAT Notices published in early May 2013 HMRC has published three VAT Notices in the last couple of days: Insolvency - 700/56 Cancelling your registration - 700/11 Flat Rate Scheme for Small Businesses - 733 Insolvency This notice is dated May 2013 and replaces the March 2013 edition. HMRC indicate that the following changes have been … [Read more...]

Recent VAT news items – April 2013

Recent VAT news items Today’s post includes reference to: A supplement to the VAT notices on registration containing up to date information on the registration limits; and A Revenue & Customs Brief about how VAT applies to the levy on single use carrier bags in Northern Ireland. Supplement to Notices 700/1 and 700/11 HMRC has … [Read more...]

VAT Registration Limits increased in Budget 2013

VAT Registration Limits increased in Budget 2013 The VAT Registration Limits will be increased from 1 April 2013. I’ve updated the tables on my VAT Registration Limits page. … [Read more...]

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