VAT registration threshold monitoring

I've prepared a note on the VAT registration threshold and included a table for monitoring a business's taxable turnover. You can download it as a PDF File. The VAT registration threshold will remain at £85,000, until at least 31 March 2020. Businesses with taxable turnover close to the limit will need to monitor their turnover, so they … [Read more...]

A VAT registration loophole?

A VAT registration loophole? A couple of years ago I wrote about whether transfering a business to a different legal entity, e.g. from a sole trader to a company, would reset to zero the turnover count towards the VAT registration limit. At that time my view was that the transfer of a business as a going concern rules prevented this. There were … [Read more...]

Overseas businesses selling goods stored in the UK

On 16 September 2016 HMRC published guidance for "overseas businesses using an online marketplace to sell goods in the UK". The guidance is for overseas businesses that store and sell goods in the UK although they have no business establishment in the UK. Many of these businesses use an online marketplace that provides a fulfilment service to … [Read more...]

Budget 2016 – update to VAT registration limits

I've updated the VAT registration limits page with the new registration limits from 1 April 2016. … [Read more...]

Does changing legal entity ‘reset’ the registration limit to zero?

I was asked recently whether the registration limit for the VAT could be "reset" if a sole trader transferred the business to a limited company. As a sole trader business is reaching the registration limit and the proprietor wanted to avoid being VAT registered. I've come across this before under the rules for the transfer of business as a going … [Read more...]

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