New Notice on keeping VAT records

Keeping VAT records On 22 June 2015 HMRC published an updated version of Notice 700/21: Keeping VAT records dated June 2015 to replace the October 2013 edition. HMRC indicates that an additional paragraph has been added to section 2.2. This additional paragraph refers suppliers of digital services to the guidance on VAT MOSS. When you go to read … [Read more...]

Notes for the business that has yet to register for VAT

Notes for the business that has yet to register for VAT This article gives you an idea of the things you need to look at when considering the impact of VAT upon your business. What do you supply? And what is its VAT treatment? It is important to know whether what you supply attracts VAT at one of the applicable rates of VAT. These are zero-rate … [Read more...]

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