Recently update VAT Notices (March 2014)

Recent updates to VAT Notices There have been a number of VAT Notices updated in the past few weeks. These include: Imports Motoring Expenses Food Should I be registered for VAT? and Education and Vocational Training Below is a brief note about the update and where to find the updated notice. The links provided will take you to the … [Read more...]

Fuel Scale charge changes from 1 May 2011

I have added the latest table, as published in the Budget 2011 papers, to the site. Fuel Scale Charge from 1 May 2011 … [Read more...]

Notes on VAT for the newly registered business – Part 3

Notes on VAT for the newly registered business This is, as the title suggests, the third in this series of posts intended to help the newly VAT registered business. Last time we looked at some basic VAT accounting points. We continue today with more of the same. Cars You have never been allowed to recover VAT on cars bought for your business … [Read more...]

17 and a half things you need to know about VAT – Part 3

17 and a half things you need to know about VAT - Part 3 This is the third and final part of this short series. I’d love to have your comments on any of these points. 14. Correcting mistakes Made a mistake? Better put it right. You can only correct errors going back four years. If your error is larger than the limit allowed for doing it on your … [Read more...]

Can you reclaim the VAT on a new car?

I was ‘talking’ via a social networking website with a friend recently and the conversation turned to business. May friend asked, “Might I trouble you with a swift VAT query?” and continued “I'm about to buy a car through the company, to use up some excess cash and reduce my Corporation Tax bill, and I was vaguely wondering if there were any … [Read more...]

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