Refunds of UK VAT for non-EU businesses

Refunds of UK VAT for non-EU businesses In May 2018, HMRC changed its “operational procedures” for processing claims for VAT from non-EU businesses. HMRC did not announce the change, and this resulted in difficulties for businesses applying for refunds. From 23 May 2018, claims for refunds were rejected mainly because they were not supported by a … [Read more...]

Toolkits to help minimise common errors – update to VAT Toolkits

Toolkits to help minimise common errors - update to VAT Toolkits HM Revenue & Customs has recently updated the: VAT Partial Exemption; VAT Input; and VAT Output toolkits. These toolkits are useful when completing a business’s VAT return. They provide guidance from HMRC on items which HMRC find are common causes of errors on VAT … [Read more...]

HMRC update Advisory Fuel rates

HMRC update Advisory Fuel rates HMRC has update it’s Advisory Fuel Rates information. The new rates apply from 1 June 2013, although HMRC allow the current rates, i.e. those applying up to 31 May 2013, to be used until 30 June 2013. Why is this information useful? The advisory fuel rates can be used to calculate the amount of VAT a business can … [Read more...]

Postal Services

Postal services It seems to be a poorly kept secret that a mail order company called Zipvit has appealed following the TNT case against HM Revenue and Customs. The idea that an exempt supply contains 'embedded' VAT is one that appears to have no support in either UK or EU law. All that has happened is that for some businesses Royal Mail's … [Read more...]

Claiming back VAT on business mileage

I've just posted a page of under the useful information section giving details of the Advisory Fuel Rates for VAT recovery. It's important to note that if you are recovering VAT based on the business mileage travelled you will need to have VAT invoices for fuel purchased that cover the amount of VAT being claimed. … [Read more...]

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