Fuel Scale charge changes from 1 May 2011

I have added the latest table, as published in the Budget 2011 papers, to the site. Fuel Scale Charge from 1 May 2011 … [Read more...]

Fuel Scale Charges information from 4 January 2011

I have put a page on my website containing the Fuel Scale Charge table that you will need from 4 January 2011. If your VAT period spans the change in rate, and most will, you will need to apportion the Fuel Scale Charge between the pre-increase part and the post-increase part of the period. You can find the pre-increase table on my website. … [Read more...]

Fuel Scale charges from 1 May 2010

For periods starting after 30 April 2010 The fuel scale charge applies to all business cars which are used for private motoring. The following table sets out the fuel scale charges for VAT periods commencing after 30 April 2010. The amount listed under Scale Charge is the VAT inclusive amount. You need to subtract the VAT due to get the … [Read more...]

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