Charities – planning for VAT, hoping for none

Charities - planning for VAT, hoping for none It seems amazing that, forty-four years after VAT was introduced in the UK, so many charities - or rather people involved in running them - still appear to think that charties are exempt from VAT. That by some magic the rules on VAT will be lifted so they pay no VAT. Oh! would that that was the case. … [Read more...]

They come in threes – VAT queries

That's what is said. I've noticed over the years that when I get a query on one area of VAT, I can expect a similar query to be asked soon after. This past month I've seen two instances where similar queries have been asked. At the moment I'm waiting for the third query on each topic to be raised. Business splitting I've been asked about … [Read more...]

Six ways to avoid VAT penalties

Six ways to avoid VAT penalties The VAT penalty régime is intended to make more businesses comply with the deadlines for submitting VAT returns, paying VAT and keeping accurate business records. Here are six simple things you can do to help avoid a VAT penalty. Submit your VAT return by the due date. Almost everyone has to do their VAT … [Read more...]

20 things you need to know about VAT – part 1

20 things you need to know about VAT - part 1 One for each percentage point of the VAT rate. This is the first of a number of posts that will go through all 20 topics. Let’s get started. 1. Do you know the registration limits? This is currently £73,000. When the value of your supplies gets to this limit you have to tell HMRC. You can find full … [Read more...]

Fuel Scale charge changes from 1 May 2011

I have added the latest table, as published in the Budget 2011 papers, to the site. Fuel Scale Charge from 1 May 2011 … [Read more...]

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