Building a new flat – can it be zero-rated?

Building a new flat - can it be zero-rated? You own a block of flats and want to increase the number of flats in the block. What can you do? You could rearrange the number of flats in the block so you have more smaller flats. Might go down badly with current tenants and may be less attractive to new tenants. How about adding a new flat on the top … [Read more...]

They come in threes – VAT queries

That's what is said. I've noticed over the years that when I get a query on one area of VAT, I can expect a similar query to be asked soon after. This past month I've seen two instances where similar queries have been asked. At the moment I'm waiting for the third query on each topic to be raised. Business splitting I've been asked about … [Read more...]

Flat rate scheme: are you a limited cost business?

Flat rate scheme: are you a limited cost business? From 1 April 2017 new rules coming to effect that are likely to have a negative impact on many service businesses particularly those providing professional services. These are the ones that sell the knowledge of the business owners and their staff. HMRC says you are a limited cost business if … [Read more...]

Re-emergence of the ‘monthly’ newsletter

Hello, I'm posting this to let you know that I am still here and have decided to start my monthly newsletter again. The system is now automated so if I have put out a post since the last newsletter was sent another will be sent. Each will come out on the first day of each month. Those of you who have added me to your contacts list will you … [Read more...]

Budget 2016 – update to VAT registration limits

I've updated the VAT registration limits page with the new registration limits from 1 April 2016. … [Read more...]

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